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Best of London 2012

A goosebump-worthy montage helping us re-live many of the best moments of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

The video is accompanied by Newton Faulkner’s – ‘If This Is It.’


Nike LeBron X “Mita” Custom

Nike LeBron X “Mita” Custom

The Nike LeBron X commemorates the 10 year anniversary between Nike and LeBron. Coming off the back of an NBA Championship with the Miami Heat, the NBA’s MVP award and an Olympic Gold medal with the USA, LeBron continues his success in 2012 with the release of the Nike LeBron X.

Nike Say:
‘Inspired by the creation and beauty of a diamond, the metaphoric comparisons run parallel to James’ career. Diamonds form between the Earth’s crust and super-heated core, where intensity changes the structure of carbon over time. Under extreme pressure and temperature, carbon then becomes diamonds.’

‘Heat, time and pressure are three things James has faced, and they act as the shoe’s inspiration. Although a refined diamond is beautiful, it takes work to get there – it starts as a dull rock. Over time, it gains clarity and sharpens with multiple facets.’

This particular shoe (pictured) completes Mache’s Black Friday trilogy. The ‘MITA’ custom incorporates elephant print accents, a snakeskin inspired toe box, 3M reflective panelling, and rainbow speckled midsoles.

A resounding shoe both on and off the court.