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20 Creative Street Advertisements

Click the picture below to see 20 of the most creative street Advertisements.


Instagram Menu – Comodo NYC

Taking full advantage of people who love to Instagram their food, Comodo NYC (a new Latin American restaurant in NYC) have added hashtags to their menu in order for customers to be able to share and recommend their food.

Simple, innovative and low cost while providing an effective media platform.

Unlock the 007 in you – Coke Zero

Coke Zero launched the following challenge to coincide with the release of the new James Bond: Skyfall movie. Coke challenged unsuspecting customers to reach a particular platform within 70 seconds having purchased Coke Zero from a nearby vending machine. Completion of the challenge resulted in the customer receiving free tickets for the new movie.

The clip has seen over 9 million YouTube views which has added value to the Coke Zero brand while adding to the buzz behind the new movie.